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Dani...i blame you xP

well. first livejournal entry, Dani i blame you for this. xP
Today was ok. I finally got some sleep. had only slept 5 hours since last sunday so it was good to finally rest.
Went to a meeting tonight. It was actually a really good meeting. I was unsure about going but im glad i did.
I could relate to everyone who shared and they were all really good shares. Some of the people in the rooms are amazing :)
I got to see Lisa which was awesome, she graduates to halfway on the 17thNov. Im so proud of her. I know she will succeed. 
Maggie & Melody both left but im not allowed to ask when, why or how. I think Jase is gone too coz he wasnt at the meeting. I hope they're all ok. I really care about those guys.
And i got to see Antoin again =) He's such a sweetie. I really miss him sometimes. Anyways, it was a good meeting.

Well, Im fucking nervous... i think im going to the Ataris & Stealing O'Neal tomorrow with Kyle. Should be interesting although, as i previously mentioned, im extremely fucking nervous.
But Stealing ONeal are playing YAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so i dont care! i havnt seen a live band in like 4 months, and well, its Stealing O'Neal! its gonna be fucking awesome anyways! Ive missed those boys.

Uhm....10 days clean & sober. Doesnt sound like long, but as they say 'one day at a time' and 10 days is a big deal for me. Especially since im doing this all on my own. This is the longest I've been sober in like 4 years (not including detox's or rehabs). So smile =)


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