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I fucking hate pretty much everyone right now. Infact 99% of the world can go and get fucked.
Here's the number one lesson i learnt over the past week.
Trust No One.
Coz they will only judge you or fuck you over and betray you. So fuck the world :) 

17 days til New Moon comes out! im already starting to feel the biggest orgasm EVER building up!!!
mmmm taylor lautner - jacob, jackson rathbone - jasper, and ofcourse rob patz - edward ;D mmmmm cant wait!
every guy in that movie is fucking hot! Even the girls hmmm Alice Cullen = cute/sexy/pretty!  hello girl crush xP
HAHA yeah im lame. But i lovez it :)

new poem.
if you're reading this you probably know its kinda inspired about you. & inspired by own feelings too.


Wipe your tears and please don’t cry

I know it’s hard to say goodbye

But I’m here too right by your side

Feeling each hurt you feel inside.

I know you’re hurting, tired and sad

But refuse to give up on all you had.

Don’t bow your head, just let me see

All the things you’ve come to be.

Show me the truth inside your heart

Reveal the story from the start.

Through your eyes I feel each pain

And it gets harder to refrain

From remembering, just like you too

All the things they promised you.

Every word they spoke and said,

Still imprinted in your head.

Just gathering hope is proving tough

When in your mind you’ve had enough.

A million words still locked inside

One for every tear you’ve cried.

It’s getting harder each single day

Suppressing the words you need to say

All these smiles you’re forced to fake

Manufacture tears within their wake.

All of this effort, all of this trying

Only enhances compulsory lying.

But still you will try and try again

Even though its all in vain

Your empty eyes will seal your mask

Provoking lies when people ask

But in your words that fake whats real

I know exactly how you feel

I’ll read the words between each line

See the truth in heart and mind

Because all this hurt, I’m feeling it too

As I think of me, but stare at you.


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